Gare de Lyon, photographic exhibition "Yesterday & Today"

An invitation to travel in time

Tunisian lounge Train Bleu restaurant will host a photo exhibition of Pierre Alivon. The artist photographer, will offer a series of works on the Gare de Lyon expressing the atmosphere of the present time and the authenticity of the characters of old; In short, the unlikely encounter between Paris a century apart.

Gare de Lyon, Exposition photographiques "Hier & Aujourd’hui" from alivon on Vimeo.

In this project, a subtle alchemy between past and present, Pierre Alivon recreates for us from documents, photographs from the early twentieth century and his photographs or films taken of the XXI century Gare de Lyon in Paris, a world unique, surreal where past and present coexist.

Follower of new technology, passionate about human interactions and its city and globe-trotting in search of new spaces, other times, the artist leads us into the concourse, platforms, on rails in switches or Blue Train, the legendary restaurant in the station. It depicts the unlikely meeting of a century separates travelers: 1900 to stylish long skirts and hats vases awaiting departure with our contemporaries in a hurry, the more casual clothing choices. By focusing on ... color or black and white, playing on the coexistence of old motor or steam trains and TGV, juxtaposing scenes of past and present in referral centers or on the docks, and his film, opposing motion and static situation, Pierre Alivon, likes to lose the viewer in time. Everywhere, with subtlety, it disorients our eyes, distilling humorous clues emerging from the past, here a carriage, there a bulletin board or the old station master frozen in years ... This photo gallery and film which are part of a larger and very creative trilogy: "Paris 1900", "Play the nude", "metamorphosis" on leads us to wonder about the technical developments on changes in a century, leads us through the game on the line and perspective, from a journey in space and time ... today invites us to dream of the past, ... and tomorrow.